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BlogA brief introduction to the Bianco Method


A brief introduction to the Bianco Method

This blog article aims to develop an explanation of the Bianco method, what it means, and why it is a unique and ideal experience for any preschooler.
I am a trained professional percussionist with over 15 years of experience. Still, my real passion is teaching music, specifically musical propaedeutics, a field I study and a children’s course I developed in the last ten years of direct contact with children between the ages of one and six.
In 2010, I had the opportunity to start working with children of preschool age, and what started as a game slowly turned into a passion. Now,
My greatest joy is when I can talk and interact with children, with my students, through my music propaedeutics courses.
This term – musical propaedeutics describes the discipline that prepares you for studying music and where you find everything you need to understand the essential musical terms, such as musical sound, timbre, rhythm, melody, and last but not least, intensity or dynamics.

The method I use in my music propaedeutics classes is based on a rainbow of entertaining, educational activities, and I decided to call this method – the Bianco Method.
I chose a name that resonates with mine (Bianca = white in Italian) but simultaneously symbolizes all the ways of artistic expression that my lessons explore.
As you know, White is an achromatic color, resulting from all the colors of the visible spectrum, through and in the presence of light.
In the specific description of the method, light symbolizes knowledge, information, and the colors of the visible spectrum represent ways in wich humanity can express itself through art in all its forms.
The method involves all senses and modes of artistic expression with the aim of sedimenting information in long-term memory through emotion, logic, and calculation to develop both angles, artistic and mathematic, in harmony.

A music lesson in the Bianco method offers:
Music and songs (for sural sound expression), with movements and gestures that aid physical expression.
A story (conveying information through mental imagery and rhetoric)
A pre-graphism drawing/exercise stimulates the hand-eye relationship and the sedimentation of information through graphic signs, in combination with the expression of emotion through color.

A graphic exercise to solve – for the development of logic and ingenuity.

A game – for stimulating and managing emotions and simulating community/group belonging.
Which can often be joined by an experiment – to bring art into the physical world.

If you are a caregiver or even a teacher and you want to explore the whole experience of one of the Bianco Method’s music lessons, do not hesitate to visit this site, where you will find a free lesson and download coloring pages and the pre-graphism exercises, songs, stories, and much more!
If you have any questions or want to discover the full range of activities I propose, leave a message, and I will be happy to answer!

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This site aims to do the impossible. To create a system where children take the first steps in learning music only through fun activities, falling in love at every step.

I magically transformed elements of music theory into characters, stories, games, songs, experiments, and exercises. This was my plan for turning the impossible into the possible. From my experience with children’s music classes, it works!


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