Music lessons for Kids

About the bianco method

About the bianco method

My name is Bianca Flavia Todor.

I’ve dedicated my life to music and my career to the beautiful profession of teaching, specializing in percussion instruments since 2004.

 I discovered my true passion, musical propaedeutics, ten years ago while introducing children to my musical notes, characters, and stories as a game. 


My love for them and their passion for music grew with each passing day. As a result, I looked toward my inner child to find innovative ways to improve my teaching methods and find solutions to learning problems I faced at that age. 

After many variations and modifications, I’m ready to offer the course “Music for KIDS” to the general public.   

The course is designed for those that want a new didactic approach, a different kind of teacher, and a method that starts with the child’s needs. “Music for KIDS” brings the Bianco Method to those who cannot physically attend my preparatory music courses.

About the method

White (ital. Bianco) is an achromatic color. It’s the result of all the visible spectrum colors, through and in the presence of light. In the Bianco Method, light is knowledge, and creative activities are visible spectrum colors. It involves all the senses and modes of artistic and intellectual expression. The goal is solidifying the information in the long-term memory through emotion, logic, and calculation, developing both hemispheres.

The Bianco Method offers:



This site aims to do the impossible. To create a system where children take the first steps in learning music only through fun activities, falling in love at every step.

I magically transformed elements of music theory into characters, stories, games, songs, experiments, and exercises. This was my plan for turning the impossible into the possible. From my experience with children’s music classes, it works!


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