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How to prepare the music lesson in 4 steps?

Of course, I mean a music lesson in the Bianco method for children between 2 and 5 years old.
This year, I have prepared a series of podcasts on the theme of music lessons for children or music lessons for preschoolers.

I want to help you avoid my initial mistakes and learn from them so that you can live magical moments enveloped in the world of musical notes with your little ones.

This week we’re talking about how to prepare for the musical moment. I invite you to visit the Music for KIDS YouTube channel, where you will find more information about my MUSIC PODCAST.
But the written part will also be helpful because sometimes it is more pleasant to read what interests you in silence.

What is the first step to take in preparing a music lesson?

1. Open the window

As we know, breathing is the first and last thing we do in this life. I wonder why we give it so little importance. Without it, we don’t exist.

Our generation is relearning to breathe and appreciate fresh air, so it’s no coincidence that the first step to a fruitful lesson is an open window or airing the room.

Children will be able to take a few deep breaths. If we want, we can turn this moment into a game where we breathe in and out to the rhythm of the music.

2. We put the toys away

Of course, my method talks to parents, grandparents, and educators. Loving adults who want to experience a magical moment with their little ones, 

If we want this activity to be optimal, it is imperative to remove from the child’s visual field any external element that could distract him.

In the classroom, this can be a group activity accompanied by song; at home, too, at the same time, you can turn it into a ritual, a preparatory moment, because the little ones like the certainty of what is to come as much as the discovery of new things.

In this sense, I also prepared the third step, which is undoubtedly necessary at home, at school, it is very likely not, namely:

3. The TV is off, and the phone is silent

I will not stray too much on this topic because it is obvious why the two devices disturb any activity carried out with children.

Of course, if you accompany them in the video lesson process, the TV is necessary. I am talking about the lessons where we only use a musical background and draw, color, sing, and play.

Why not – phone off? Because it is possible to use it to listen to music accompaniments or songs during the game. They can, of course, be off if you use an instrument such as the ukulele or the piano as accompaniment.

4. Have the teaching material prepared ahead of time

Why is this important?

You don’t want to start looking for the material you need during an explanation or activity. Children turn their attention to something else extremely quickly, and even 1 minute later, bringing them back to your class activity won’t be easy.

Today’s child is used to 3 extremely colorful and well-made images per second. Can I  afford to waste 30 seconds looking for the teaching material?

In 5 seconds, I lost 20% of the children; in 10 seconds, 30%; in 15 seconds, 50%; and in 30 seconds, 90%, and the poor child who was not exposed to too many screens and remained loyal to the teacher, will be lost to the group/belonging instinct., in the sense that he will adopt the group’s behavior.

It sometimes happened that I was not wholly prepared with the necessary instruments at the beginning of the class due to unavoidable delays. Believe me, It is challenging to recover the lost attention afterward.

The preschoolers’ attention has the same rules as friendship: it is hard to keep and easy to lose.

I’m giving you four quick and easy steps I do every time before the musical propaedeutics classes. Still, to them, a few things should be added, such as the didactic material used, which songs – when to use them, and how to take the temperature of the room (that’s what I like to call the orientation for the lesson depending on how the children behave that day).

All this, however, I will leave for other days when I will sit in front of my laptop keys.

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