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Meet the Musical Notes / Le note musicali si presentano

Meet the Musical Notes / Le note musicali si presentano


Language Italian
Paperback 45 pages
ISBN-13 979-8501941243
Item Weight 145g
Dimensions 21.59 x 0.28 x 21.59 cm
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Meet the Musical Notes is an all-rounded booklet that features the essential elements for teaching music to children. 

This paperback is written in Italian and speaks to the Italian public. 

It comes with nine free downloadable song accompaniments for easy application. Kids will learn by singing the Do, Re, Mi, Fa,  Sol, La, and Si notes songs, drawing (pre-graphism), coloring them on the staff, and observing each note’s character and color. In addition, the revolutionary Bianco Method offers kids a simple yet effective music-learning method using image recognition, adding a character to every other musical element, like the musical keys, dynamics, and tempo.

Prof. Bianca FlaviaTodor has dedicated her entire life and career to teaching music. Somewhere along the way, she discovered her passion for musical propaedeutics, and after different assessments, variations, and modifications, the Bianco Method was released.

This method aims to make learning, reading, and writing music easy for children between the ages of two and six.

It envisions a musical learning environment where children can

have a personal relationship with music theory elements

represented by Bianca’s characters.

« Because, in my opinion, in the presence of music,

abilities, and emotions flourish. »

Prof. Bianca Flavia Todor

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This site aims to do the impossible. To create a system where children take the first steps in learning music only through fun activities, falling in love at every step.

I magically transformed elements of music theory into characters, stories, games, songs, experiments, and exercises. This was my plan for turning the impossible into the possible. From my experience with children’s music classes, it works!


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